China straight seam welded pipe market overall continues to confuse

- Jun 30, 2017 -

One is that demand and inventory are mutually constrained. The recent off-season factor performance is obvious, downstream demand, especially the construction site and other aspects of the rapid decline in steel demand, the market deal is deserted. In the early days, constrained by resource constraints open one eye, building materials can still hold steady or a small downward trend, but upward climb, near the factory delivery speed is still in the continuous straight seam welded pipe, particularly in the north, the rapid concentration of resources, leading to a sharp decline in the northern building materials quotes, driving the South market repeated down. On the other hand, because of the steel mills production, delivery and port and other reasons for the expected weakening, resulting in the southern region of resource constraints still, or even the appearance of the specification limbo, thus pushing hot-rolled prices continue to rise. The second situation shows straight seam welded pipe, iron ore and other quotations to stabilize. As a result of the recent oversold rebound, coupled with the rapid rise in the capital market and the winter operation in some areas, led, Coke, such as a small temptation to increase the price for traders to bring a lot of warmth. However, due to the year-end financial tension, downstream delivery capacity of weak factory prices, market analysis may be the raw material prices continued to increase the power of fear will not be enough straight seam welded pipe, it is difficult to substantially promote the formation of the market for the obvious change.

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