Current predicament of steel straight seam welded pipe industry

- Jun 30, 2017 -

Under the bank's credit crunch to steel companies, the steel companies are under greater financial pressure. The steel industry is a capital-intensive industry report, recent steel quotes, high debt ratios, close to 70% companies to bail out, some companies and even higher steel quotes synchronized slowdown, the capital chain problem becomes the biggest risk. But the overcapacity, the industry-wide losses, the Chinese steel companies, in the last two years faced with increasingly stringent bank lending regulations, especially the steel trade group debt after the current price cut straight seam welded pipe, steel enterprises from the bank can see, facing unprecedented financial pressure of steel enterprises. Steel overcapacity is still serious. According to statistics, in 2011 China new blast Furnace, 2012 new blast Furnace, 2013 more than 1 tons to create a low, two years of new capacity continues to increase Earth-shaking, new furnace 31, the new 38000000 tons of capacity. 2014, there are also some blast furnace straight seam welded pipe, 20000000 tons of production capacity of about 12 tons to warm up, net increase. Demand growth is relatively limited, in the context of the 2014 slowdown in China's economic growth practices, construction machinery distribution policy, the development of a slowdown in the loss of pressure, automotive and other steel downstream industries slowed down, steel consumption has increased, but the increase significantly.

  • High Yield Carbon Steel Large Diameter Long Welded ERW Steel Line Pipes API X Grades for Gas Gathering Network
  • Helical Seam Saw Large Diameter Pipes SSAW Spiral Welded Structural Pipe En10219 S355j0h and A252 Steel Piling Pipe for Construction of Marine and Offshore Structures
  • Large Diameter ERW 12019 S355JR Longitudinally Welded Steel Structural Tubular Piles ERW Tubes En10219 for Mechanical Machinery and Plant Construction
  • SSAW HSAW Large Diameter Spiral-welded Steel Polyethylene Coating Water Line Pipes
  • Helical Submerged API 5L PSL-1 GR B Spirally Welded Seam SSAW SAW Steel Line Pipe for SSAW Transmission Pipe
  • Large diameter Spiral-Welded SSAW/SAWH tubular steel pipe piles (Casings)

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