Demand space of special straight seam welded pipe products

- Jun 30, 2017 -

It is called special metal products because of its particularity. According to the industry, specific metal Products "special" refers to meet the needs of many industry users of high-performance materials and High-tech standards, "different" to meet the needs of many industries, different users, different application environment for shape change. and its "special" and "different" growth deceleration, the use of steel is also more special, the steel performance requirements than ordinary steel to be much higher than the huge income, much more stringent, much larger. such as two-sided welded pipes, high-strength special metal products, low-temperature-resistant special metal products, corrosion-resistant specific metal products, fatigue-resistant special metal products and welding-specific metal products, the use of steel must have high-strength, high toughness, high wear resistance, ultra-low temperature, fatigue life, high tensile strength and yield strength. For example, the rapid spread of straight seam welded pipe, the ocean platform equipment for its various components of strength, impact toughness, low-temperature resistance, etc. have a high demand. In particular, with the gradual reduction of global oil reserves, more and more oil equipment is served in harsh environment, the oil derrick Pipe must withstand the -30 low temperature impact to avoid brittle fracture. Therefore, most of the offshore platform equipment with excellent performance of special metal products, its use of steel not only requires a high strength, low temperature toughness, but also have a good seawater corrosion resistance and other properties.

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  • ERW/HFW Large-diameter Straight Seam Welded 3lPE Coated Steel Line Pipe for Oil and Gas
  • SABS 719 GRB High Pressure Longitudinally electric-welded CARBON STEEL Conveyance Line pipe Piping Systems for drinking water industrial waters and wastewater
  • SSAW HSAW Large Diameter Spiral-welded Steel Polyethylene Coating Water Line Pipes
  • COMBI-WALL Large Diameter Steel Sheet piling and Tubular Piles Combined Walls
  • High Build Fusion Bonded Epoxy Polyethylene (PE) Coated Steel Pipes

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