Overall straight seam welded pipe market turnover is not optimistic

- Jun 30, 2017 -

The recent decline in industrial wire market spread, fluctuating space of 50-80 yuan, individual market decline of about 150 yuan. At the end of the month, the price trend, iron and steel market is increasing the tension of high efficiency wear-resistant straight seam welded pipe, the recent return to the main payment. News of the straight seam welded pipe, the northern resources will be in the weak, and low price dumping mainly to combat the market prices continue to decline in the south, coupled with capital pressure to increase investment advice, the decline of the earlier have enlarged straight seam welded pipe, in addition, the raw material billet, iron ore market innovation low, the northern market with a significant investment in the field, which the most obvious performance of small factories, manufacturers in the control of the production of steel mills, the beginning of the continued steady-state, but with the small factory resource price is too low, the large manufacturers of resources Week down 70-150 yuan per ton cycle growth straight seam welded pipe, excellent line market overall weak policy of the rescue of doubt, brushed down 50-150 yuan per ton, cold, hard line, such as downward adjustment of 30 yuan per ton or so.

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