Straight seam welded pipe the contradiction between supply and demand is still sharp

- Jun 30, 2017 -

Economic situation is not good, steel deep-processing, steel demand next year international situation, also do not know. Everyone is confused. The market for next year is not very good. There is now too much demand from China steel mills, and overcapacity in steel. So we do not store the winter impression of deep straight seam welded pipe, December News occasionally also failed to reverse the large supply and reduce. But with the final exams at the end of the money, boxing plus the development and Reform Committee frequency to stimulate the economy's good combination, the expected late winter did not show that in any case the interest rate will still have some improvement in the straight seam welded pipe, but at this stage, due to the relative mitigation of overcapacity, mineral and other raw materials supply and demand tend to balance, the price will have a certain period of adjustment, the late-stage building materials quoted price of the killing force is slightly lower than January expected exploration, construction steel quotes or the trend of slow down.

  • High Yield Carbon Steel Large Diameter Long Welded ERW Steel Line Pipes API X Grades for Gas Gathering Network
  • ERW/HFW Large-diameter Straight Seam Welded 3lPE Coated Steel Line Pipe for Oil and Gas
  • Large Diameter ERW 12019 S355JR Longitudinally Welded Steel Structural Tubular Piles ERW Tubes En10219 for Mechanical Machinery and Plant Construction
  • SSAW HSAW Large Diameter Spiral-welded Steel Polyethylene Coating Water Line Pipes
  • High Yield Sawh (helically Welded Saw) Welded Pipes API 5l X60 ASTM A572 Gr 50 Structural Tubes Offshore Structures and Steel Pipe Sheet Pile Foundations
  • Large diameter Spiral-Welded SSAW/SAWH tubular steel pipe piles (Casings)

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