How To Prolong The Service Life Of The Square Tube

- Jun 30, 2017 -

The first method is the opposite side of the tube to remove rust, in the square tube derusting when the main use of the wire brush on its surface grinding, this method can effectively remove the surface of the square tube loose or rust. The second method is the surface of the other side of the tube cleaning, in the other side of the tube to clean the surface with a solvent or emulsion to clean, used to achieve the role of oil removal and dust removal, this method is only suitable for the removal of the surface of the tube grease and dust on the rust and oxidation of the skin can not be removed, so in the anti-corrosion production of this method can only be used as an auxiliary. The third method is that the other side of the tube to pickling, in the other side of the tube for pickling when one will use chemical and electrolytic two methods, these two methods can have a square tube of the oxide skin to remove. The reason why it is divided into two methods is because chemical cleaning can only clean the surface very thoroughly, for some fine seam is difficult to achieve the results of people.

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