The Protection Method Of Square Rectangular Welded Pipe

- Jun 30, 2017 -

1, whether it is the bare tube or anti-corrosion tube, if the need for a long time storage, from the beginning of storage should be used to protect the opaque cover, to avoid corrosion of welded pipe and anti-corrosion layer aging, edge and so on. 2, the cover should be strong and durable, to prevent the long time sun and rain and decay leakage. 3, pipe cover should ensure that the surface of the pipe ventilation, to avoid water vapor volatile and on the surface of the collection. 4, welded pipe storage should be supported, and from the ground a certain distance, to ensure that the pipe ventilation. 5, Welded pipe stacking storage, should remove the tube end protector, to avoid moisture in the pipe end protector and the contact surface of the welded pipe is difficult to volatile. 6, welded pipe storage should pay attention to the number of layers of welded pipe, to avoid excessive layer caused by the local force of the Tube end, so that the welded pipe produced radial plastic deformation and corrosion damage. It is suggested that the stack layer of the optical tube reference APIRP 5l1-2009 "Recommended Practice for railway transportation of pipeline welded pipe" or Apirp 5lw-2009 "recommended Practice for ship and sea liner transportation of pipelines", also can be tested to determine or according to the welded pipe safety stacking height, anti-corrosion pipe stacking in accordance with GB/T 23257-2009 "buried steel pipeline polyethylene anti-corrosion layer" implementation. 7, welded pipe storage to avoid the pollution with oil, copper and other contacts. 8, the establishment of long time storage of pipe system documents, and in accordance with the implementation of the system.

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