Winter Maintenance And Maintenance Of Spiral Steel Pipe

- Jun 30, 2017 -

Can use a professional pipeline maintenance agent regularly to the sewer cleaning and disinfection, sterilization, keep the sewer pipe unobstructed, to prevent the pipeline become a breeding ground for germs. Clean the pipeline, to use a professional pipeline maintenance products, in order to achieve the removal of bacteria, except odor and cleaning and blocking effect. In the selection of maintenance products and dredge products, we should pay attention to the safety of products, as far as possible selection of high rate of bacteria, by the professional authority of the detection of products. The drainage pipe should choose to have the manufacturer name, the brand, the specification model the qualified product. The water pipe uses the threaded connection, in its connection should have the exposed thread, after the installment completes promptly with the Tube card to fasten, the tubing and the fitting or the valve should be connected firmly, must not have any loosening. After the pipeline is installed, to check the water, with visual and tactile methods to check for leaks. Check all the faucet, valve whether the installation is smooth, open whether the flexible, water is unblocked, there is no leakage phenomenon. Check whether the water meter is working properly.

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